Storm Gold


Storm Gold
01 What is your company and what do they do here?

We are professionals in the field of cryptocurrency trading. Over the years, we have helped our investors make money on operations with this asset and continue this profitable business every day.

02 Can you be trusted? What are the risks?

Our company has been developing effective strategies for many years, has vast experience and knowledge, and also hires only the best specialists in their field. We plan everything and provide maximum protection against risks. We undertake only the work, in the profit of which we are 100% sure!

01 Can I become an investor?

A citizen of any country who has reached the age of majority and is fully capable can join our team.

02 Is it difficult to create an account?

Registration will take you a few minutes and no effort. The main thing is to honestly and correctly fill out the form that appears in the window.

03 Is it possible to own multiple accounts?

We do not welcome multi-windowing, as it is not fair to other project participants. If several accounts are found for one user, we will block all accounts, no matter how much money they have.

04 Is registration free?

Our company does not charge money for creating an account.

01 When to open a deposit?

A deposit for trading is opened through a personal account and only after replenishing an account, the number of which is located there.

02 Are there many currencies with which the account is replenished?

The company offers replenishment not only in cryptocurrencies but also in dollars.

03 How much minimum and maximum can I invest in a business?

The minimum for replenishment is ten US dollars, and the maximum is at your discretion.

04 Are commissions taking a lot out of my profits?

We do not take any money from our clients. Funds may be charged when withdrawing funds from financial institutions with which you cooperate.

05 How long does it take to withdraw?

Our system processes applications quickly. If you have any problems, you can contact an online specialist.

01 Can I earn if I refer friends?

Of course! The company has an excellent affiliate program that allows you to increase your profits. More detailed information about this is stored in a special section of our website. What can be done to increase income (about referrals)

02 How to become a member of the affiliate program?

The referral program connects as soon as you register. The link will be available in the Personal Account.

03 Is it necessary to invest to use the affiliate program? Can I receive affiliate rewards without opening a deposit?

It is not necessary to make a deposit, as your referrals will bring profit when making their deposit.

04 Is it possible to change the person who invited me through the link?

Unfortunately, this information cannot be changed.

05 Is it necessary to use a referral?

No, but keep in mind that this program increases your income.

01 Do I need to provide proof of identity when registering?

Our service provides complete anonymity and security to all clients, so this is not necessary.

02 Should I be afraid of DDoS attacks?

Our site is protected by the most modern and sophisticated system that completely suppresses these and other hacker attacks.

03 What to do if you forgot your password?

When you log in to your account, in the window that appears there is a button: “Forgot your password?”. Click and restore following the instructions.

04 Login problems. I do not remember it. What to do?

To do this, you need to contact us using the contacts indicated on the site or via online chat.

05 I changed my wallet and my number changed. How to change it?

You also need to contact us directly, as in the issue with Login.